How to Go From a “Financial Professional” to “Business Owner”

How to make the leap from “financial professional” to “business owner” is a question we hear from a lot of financial professionals. Hiring a team means you can accomplish more than you could as a sole practitioner — you can service more clients, offload tasks you just don’t enjoy doing, and work with other high-performing professionals […]

Why Financial Professionals Get Lost at Behemoth Broker-Dealers

As the pace of mergers & acquisitions in the broker-dealer space accelerates, many financial professionals are scrambling to figure out their next move. While some are happy to join a larger firm, many find they don’t have access to support they need to thrive.

Making the Dream a Reality: 4 Reasons to Go Independent

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a change that was already in motion within the financial advice industry. As financial professionals seek the ability to work more flexibly and serve their clients the way they feel best, they’re increasingly turning to independence.