A Partner Who Sees You for Who You Are

“I can’t wait to hear another ‘no’ from compliance” – said no one, ever!

Despite advancements in the financial advice industry, many financial professionals continue to run up against archaic rules, broken infrastructure, and an out-of-touch product and service model. 

Your broker-dealer should complement your financial firm by offering powerfully relevant technology enhancements, elevating your great ideas, and delivering exceptional client service with minimal gaps. Instead, many financial professionals hear empty promises that lead to starkly different experiences upon joining a new team and taking their business to a new broker dealer, or completing a sale or merger. Inevitably, many of these professionals are left wondering where it all went wrong.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re working in a digital construction zone, paying for broken technology that was marketed as a modern marvel.

Your clients are getting financial advice on social media and through unregulated digital channels – and you’d like to be there with them, navigating the information being shared and providing sound guidance – but you’ve been told ‘no’ repeatedly by compliance.

Marketing your firm has become more a nuisance than a source of pride, and your website looks like a cookie-cutter repeat of everyone else’s instead of something unique to your firm that represents how and why you serve your clients the way you do.

If it feels like we’re telling your story, it’s because we know what you’re up against. We’ve been there, too.

We see you:

  • John, working with clients at 8pm because the platform is down.
  • Amy, eager to share your generational wealth insights on LinkedIn but unable to do so.
  • Chris, creating yet another support ticket for a failing integration.
  • Jen, dreaming of a new website that speaks to your unique service model.
  • Sean, hamstrung by the narrow range of solutions that don’t fit everyone.

With more options than ever, financial professionals are realizing the grass maybe is actually greener somewhere else. Is it possible that a broker-dealer could treat you as a partner?

At Silver Oak, we were founded on the idea of “Yes!” For us, authentically running your business your way doesn’t mean going it alone. When you find the right home, you stop feeling frustrated, unheard, and isolated, and you can focus on what you do best. A broker-dealer shouldn’t treat you like a transactional relationship – they need to be a consultant, a problem solver, a solution, and offer the right products and services.

This isn’t a fairytale land – this exists. You aren’t asking for too much. A mutually beneficial partnership is one that values your entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy. We see you. We know you because we are you! Let’s talk.