Investment Management Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

A New Way to Invest

In today’s market, financial professionals need to expand their financial planning capabilities and remain focused on client acquisition if they want to remain competitive. To help our financial professionals capitalize on these opportunities, Silver Oak Securities is proud to introduce AdvisorFX – a platform that connects financial professionals with best-in-class third-party money managers and an industry-leading overlay team. Learn more about how AdvisorFX is built to support your growth.

Benefits of Leveraging AdvisorFX

AdvisorFX was created with one goal in mind: to provide a platform that connects financial professionals with professional management opportunities. Built to provide a seamless experience at a competitive cost, AdvisorFX leverages our combined decades of industry experience and relationships to help you better meet clients’ needs.

Grow Your Business

Spend more time growing your relationships & less time navigating operational issues.

Engage Strategic Partners

Leverage an experienced team & best-in-class partners to access custom solutions for complex cases.

Hone Your Focus

Stress less with access to a team helping you navigate any issues you need to solve.

AdvisorFX: A Hybrid Approach to Asset Management

Traditionally, asset management service exists on a scale, with DIY asset management on one end and third-party asset management on the other.

The challenges? DIY asset management means combating higher fees, dedicating additional time and resources to asset management, as expertise is generally limited, and avoiding conflicts of interest. On the other end of the spectrum, third-party asset management is often pricey, inconsistent, not customizable or personalized, and often present administrative issues.

AdvisorFX leverages the best of both worlds to provide you a unique, effective asset management solution.




Cost Effective Solution

AdvisorFX is much more cost-effective than a third-party management model, while helping you maximize your time and resources. Our partners are available to help navigate complex situations, complicated transitions, and provide great content you can use at your discretion.

Expertise & Objectivity

The Silver Oak Overlay team works with you to determine how we can best serve you and your clients.


Practice Management Consultations + Strategy
The traditional approach doesn’t always solve your needs. We can help build a custom solution that’s convenient, flexible, transparent and scalable.


Our Premium Partners

See AdvisorFX in Action

Schedule a demo with the Silver Oak team to see AdvisorFX first-hand and learn about implementing the platform in your business.

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