Reframing What a Broker-Dealer Can Be

Use the term ‘broker-dealer’ and the connotations are instant: Behemoths. Slow-moving. Inflexible. Stuck in antiquated ways of running a business. Oil tankers or freight trains, if you want to get metaphorical about it.

And the traditional broker-dealer service model evokes similarly unflattering assumptions: Products reps are forced to sell, legacy technology platforms that don’t support modern client expectations, and hours if not days waiting for answers to operational or administrative challenges.

The last time you heard “forward-thinking” and broker-dealer” in a sentence was probably never – but that’s exactly what we’re building at Silver Oak: A forward-thinking broker-dealer that acts like an investment advisor. And I’m not talking simply about fee structure. Our focus is on reframing the approach a broker-dealer takes to serving its financial professionals and ultimately end investors. 

Let’s take a look at the technology piece of the broker-dealer puzzle. The outdated technology most broker-dealers are providing their financial professionals not only can’t keep pace with what today’s investors need, but it also lacks the customization capabilities that enable financial professionals to navigate their day-to-day operations and workflows in the ways that work best for them.

True open architecture, on the other hand, puts financial professionals in the best position to succeed by enabling them to personalize the technology they use to the strengths and goals of their own practices. It’s about more than tech: it’s about freedom and trusting the financial professional to make the best possible decisions for his or her clients.

Over the next ten years, the opportunity in our industry will be as significant as it’s ever been for growth and success. We’ll see a 40% contraction in the number of active financial professionals just as three generations of wealth are colliding. More than ever, clients will be looking for the right professional to guide their financial journey. Firms that empower their representatives to act as the quarterback of their client relationships – with independence, best-in-class technology, access to institutional custodians and support for tasks like billing and compliance – will win.

Reframing what a broker-dealer can be means bringing together the best of both worlds: An RIA’s flexibility, freedom and independence, along with institutional-caliber resources and support.

For a long time, you couldn’t have both. 

Now you can. 

Whatever your vision for success might be, we can help you bring it to life at Silver Oak. If you’d like to talk, shoot me a DM or click here to learn more: