What Having the Flexibility & Support to Shape Your Own Experience Looks Like

There’s a myth in the broker-dealer industry that’s hindering many financial professionals from finding their best-fit broker-dealer. 

Too many believe that they cannot find the support they need to do their best work at smaller broker-dealers. They’ve become accustomed to the marketing, technology and compliance resources provided by large firms – despite the administrative headaches that come alone with navigating a behemoth firm. 

But here’s the truth: smaller broker dealers often support their financial representatives better than larger firms can.

At Silver Oak, we believe that when we empower our financial professionals to embrace their individuality and invest in resources that will help them grow, they are able to better serve their clients and free themselves of the burdens associated with large firms. 

Financial professionals who want a broker-dealer relationship that fuels their independence and encourages them to make decisions aligned with the business they want to create need to look for an environment that supports their ambitions. 

But what does having the flexibility and support to shape your own experience truly look like? 

You Choose Your Technology Stack. We Help You Run It.

Rapid advancements in advisor technology are pervasive across our industry, but in an effort to keep pace, firms are investing more in form and flash over functionality for their financial professionals. 

However, at Silver Oak, our investment in technology is directly related to our investment in the growth and experience of our financial professionals.  We focus on vetting, implementing and maintaining a best-in-class tech stack so they can focus on what matters: creating an incredible experience for their clients. 

Our priority is flawless performance, not name-dropping technology providers. And often, investing in our financial professionals’ success means allowing them to continue to use the tools they love, while making sure we educate our support staff to provide service if they ever encounter a problem.

Doug Baxley, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Silver Oak, shares a story about a financial professional he spoke with whose former firm brushed aside his desire to use a tool that works for his business, and how his experience at Silver Oak was vastly different: “Silver Oak took the time to understand this financial professionals’ existing technology stack and encouraged him to continue working in a way that best suited his business.” 

No More Playing Phone Tag. Get Answers When You Need Them.

Financial professionals whose firms were acquired by large broker-dealers are likely all-too-familiar with the inevitable hassles associated with acquisitions. 

Acquisitions are chaotic. And communication isn’t always as streamlined as it should be, leaving financial professionals in the lurch when it comes to finding the right people to connect with and getting support when needed. 

But at smaller broker-dealers, financial professionals always know who to get on the phone with specific questions. In fact, at Silver Oak, they can call up our CEO, Billy Hopkins, directly if they wish to bring new ideas to the table. 

Common Sense Compliance.

At large broker-dealers, serving thousands of financial professionals means compliance reviews can take days or weeks. 

That’s not the case at Silver Oak.

Our compliance team has a direct line to the financial professionals they support. They’re flexible and communicative in a way that allows our financial professionals to operate the way they need. We believe in building an integrated services team that streamlines communication and helps financial professionals navigate confusing compliance with ease. 

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