Advisor Services – Good for your
Clients, Good for your Practice.

As the financial advice industry continues to gravitate toward fee-based advice, a great temptation exists to define an advisor’s value-add as an annualized number. The value proposition for advisors has always been easier to describe than to define. In a sense that is how it should be since value is a subjective assessment and necessarily varies from individual to individual. However, some aspects of investment advice lend themselves to an objective quantification while other value add services seem to be straight forward.

Portfolio Management

Starting your client relationships with a well-thought-out investment plan can not only ensure that clients will be in the best position possible to meet their long-term financial goals but can also form the basis for future behavioral coaching conversations. The problem is almost none of what investors are hearing pertains to their specific objectives. Market performance and headlines change far more often than do clients’ objectives. Investment Advisors need to have a portfolio management platform that can not only react to changing marketing conditions, but also integrate with rebalancing and tax efficient trading tools to help clients keep more of what they have earned.

Financial Planning

We believe financial planning should be incorporated into every facet of the practice from analytics to recommendations. We make the planning process easy and the billing capture systematic. Your clients bring more to the table than their assets. They bring their family, extended family, and friends. Expand your client base to include all members of the family.

By addressing the needs of the entire family, you will be providing solutions to secure your clients for a lifetime

Clients want to know what retirement will look like, what it will cost, and how to protect against the unexpected. Professionals need to be able to help clients at all life stages from needing basic plans that include budgeting and financial goals to comprehensive retirement spending analysis to estate planning.

Digital Access – More than a vault

Potential clients will choose you based on the client experience they receive. Today’s clients want everything in one place. They want to see their entire financial picture on every device. From current investments, financial plan,  important documents, to account updates your clients can gain access to all of these areas on any device in real-time.

Billing Efficiencies – We take the work out of generating your cash flow.

Create any number of flat, tiered, or linear fee schedules for client accounts—and enjoy the flexibility to change the calculations for any future billing cycles. We can support multiple fee types outside the traditional AUM-based fee structure such as annual financial planning fees and fee-based variable annuity accounts.

Brokerage Services

We believe that brokerage products and services are still relevant today and can add benefits to a client’s long term financial strategy. We do not have proprietary products but we do offer a full range of solutions including direct held mutual funds, variable annuities, options, stocks, and bonds. We have contracts with the best financial service providers in the industry.

Transition Support

Changing Advisor Firms should not be a lateral move. It should be an opportunity to move your practice forward.

We sit down with your team and establish clear goals and timelines that not only outline the process, but what you would like your practice to look like 1, 3, and 5 years out. We take care of all the heavy lifting so you and your team do not have to. Help with client form processes, organization systems, client workflows, and improving your digital brand is what we do.