Making the Dream a Reality: 4 Reasons to Go Independent

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a change that was already in motion within the financial advice industry. As financial professionals seek the ability to work more flexibly and serve their clients the way they feel best, they’re increasingly turning to independence. 

However, wirehouses and large brokerages offer a level of support that can be hard to turn away from. Whether you dream of running your business the way you want, or you want to bring some of your creative ideas without cutting through layers of red tape, the move to independence can feel like a dream that’s too good to be true. 

But it’s not–the idea that independence means you have to sacrifice the resources and support you’re used to is a myth. 

In fact, moving to the right firm could mean having more resources than you did before.

If that isn’t appealing enough, here are 4 compelling reasons to make the move to independence:

1- Personal Relationships & Access to Company Leaders 

Can you imagine being able to call the CEO of a large broker dealer or wirehouse to run an idea past them? Or to run a creative idea past compliance without waiting days, weeks or even months before a response? 

The unfortunate reality is that large broker dealers don’t give their financial professionals a voice. Their ability to adapt or try something new is limited. It simply takes too long to turn an ocean liner.

But at Silver Oak, you can call our CEO yourself. Your feedback and ideas are welcomed and encouraged, because we know you have the ability to make us better. Plus, we believe you should have a distinct voice and a hand in shaping your business.

It’s the main reason we don’t want to be a behemoth in the broker-dealer space. When firms get too big, it’s the individual financial professionals that get lost.

2- Freedom to Build Your Business The Way You Want

Large broker-dealers and wirehouses don’t have the adaptability to embrace new ideas. Their business model works when everyone looks the same, uses the same tools and serves their clients the same way.

But Silver Oak sees your individuality as a competitive advantage, not a drawback. We welcome financial professionals who want to do things differently, who come to the table with creativity and who are excited about what the future of financial services could be.

3- Higher Payout

The move to independence can often provide you with a higher payout than your former firm.

Independence provides you the ability to run your business the way you want, creating efficiencies in your business. Additionally, according to industry expert Michael Kitces, flexible independent advisory firms–like Silver Oak–provide marketing support and services that allow financial professionals to scale their business growth. 

4- Take Advantage of a Shifting Landscape

The move to independence has been an ongoing theme in our space for a while. And for good reason.

Financial professions are seeking a home where they have the opportunity to influence change – not only in their own business, but in the firm they’re associated with as well. As professionals seek to embrace the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Silver Oak is here to provide them the resources to make that dream a reality. 

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