How Financial Professionals Can Capitalize on Today’s Opportunity

Since Silver Oak was founded in 1999, the financial industry has changed drastically. 

Beyond the obvious acceleration of digital capabilities affecting every aspect of our lives, impacting how clients and financial professionals communicate and work together, the population of investing individuals has grown significantly.

And while many high net worth individuals used to prefer working with multiple financial specialists – from homeowners’ insurance, to retirement planning and brokers – today’s investors prefer working with one team to provide a comprehensive look into their entire financial life. 

Meanwhile, the shift away from retirement pensions to 401ks has opened the door for more investors to take advantage of effective retirement planning vehicles. Not only are more people investing, but more investors are becoming increasingly sophisticated. 

At the same time, financial professionals have freedom to charge for their services the way they want, whether that’s through fee-based or AUM-based structures, and take on as many clients as they’d like. That leaves a huge opportunity for those in the financial services industry to customize their services and build a client base to the specifications they prefer. 

So how does a financial professional take advantage of all that opportunity?

The answer: approach your business today with an open mind. Especially as the industry shifts to a digital-first mindset, financial professionals who embrace not doing things the way they’ve always been done have an opportunity to take advantage of so much growth–such as the ability to reach a younger generation. 

Plus, financial professionals who combine the right team with the right resources and the right way of thinking are set up for the future as our industry continues to evolve.  

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