Pros vs Cons:

Riding Out a Broker Dealer Acquisition

Are you over it? The low bar for service at your broker-dealer? The limited voice you have to make the best decisions for your clients? The lost time dealing with admin challenges?

There’s something in the air – and it doesn’t look good for traditional broker dealers.

Financial professionals are in breakup mode. As the service bar at broker-dealers continues to lower incrementally, it’s time to call out the elephant in the room: it’s become about the money. Somewhere along the way, firms lost sight of treating their professionals the way they deserve to be treated.

Unfortunately, too many financial professionals are now simply tolerating the firm they’re at because they don’t believe there are any attractive alternatives.

So ask yourself: Is your broker dealer firm treating you as well as you should be treated?

Breaking up is never easy. That’s why we put together this 5-step guide for you to get back to working at the more personal independent broker dealer you know and love.