Some wealth management firms have historically relied upon legacy processes and a technology adoption rate that lagged in other industries. Recent events have drastically disrupted the market catapulting advisors into a more remote and work from a home model of interacting with clients. With face-to-face meetings not possible, advisors adapted quickly to support their clients and develop new relationships. For firms that approach this shift as a way to adopt further innovation rather than just a means to an end, it has opened doors to new opportunities.

Silver Oak Securities is a rapidly growing firm based in Tennessee that has 130 offices across the US and has seen strong growth in the last few years. It has taken the service of its advisors and partners as a strategic opportunity and has provided secure device and endpoint cybersecurity technology and support for 3 years. Its drive to provide customers service, ease of use, performance, and cybersecurity has been a key objective

Silver Oak Securities has now entered an agreement with cleverDome to move its entire, partner and advisor business “under the Dome” using the unique and respected service provided by cleverDome, Inc. a Phoenix-based company. By doing this, Silver Oak Securities now has the leading-edge secure service from the device to its data in motion that has been taken “off the open internet” and placed under the Dome that provides the fastest and most secure network using the standard internet but implements military level security at a commercial level. By doing this, Silver Oak Securities has secured its customers’, partners’, and advisors’ data to the most compliant level in the industry.

By moving Under the Dome, the ease of adoption and usage becomes a very strong market advantage for Silver Oak Securities. Any device in any location will immediately be connected to the service once it is in use and will enjoy speeds of up to 10 times the standard communications technology available today. Information is sent in at high speeds and split session mode with tumbling encryption, so a breach is not possible.

About Silver Oak Securities, Inc.

Silver Oak Securities, Inc. is an independent, full-service broker-dealer and SEC Registered Investment Advisor focused on serving the needs of independent wealth advisors who foster strong, trusted relationships with their clients. The firm is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Investors Protection Corporation.

Founded in 1999 by Principals with deep investment management and compliance experience spanning 40 years, Silver Oak is based in the heart of the southern U.S. Our corporate headquarters is in Jackson, TN, between Nashville and Memphis.

About cleverDome

cleverDome is a corporation that operates as a Co-Op. Members include managed security service providers, software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisors, and ultimately their investor clients. It provides the fastest and most secure network using the open internet on the planet today. To learn more about cleverDome visit